Experience online teaching in a new way: Edutainment for teachers and learners

As part of the project G4C:NGE, we experienced an inspiring workshop that not only served as a follow-up to the teacher training held in September 2023, but also presented innovative edutainment methods for digital teaching.

Under the charming guidance of edutainment expert Ms Martina Maciejewski, a 3-hour adventure unfolded with a focus on making online teaching not only educational but also entertaining.

Image rights: Martina Maciejewski

Check-ins and check-outs: entry and exit in style

The workshop started and ended with ten entertaining check-ins and six cool check-outs. These playful rituals transformed the virtual space into an interactive stage on which the participants not only felt welcome, but were also able to immerse themselves in the world of learning in an energised way.

Interactive games: Learning with a difference

Six captivating group exercises and games brought a good dose of fun to the subject matter. Instead of dry theory, there were gamified learning moments that not only aroused interest, but also promoted the acquisition of knowledge in a playful way. From puzzles to quizzes – the workshop showed that learning can also be an adventure.

“Look at yourself”: Authenticity in the classroom

Under the slogan “Tackling your own nose”, the focus was on how teachers can bring their personality and humanity into the classroom. Ways of remaining authentic as a teacher and establishing a genuine connection with students were demonstrated.

Martina Maciejewski, who organised the workshop with her experience and enthusiasm, brought a breath of fresh air to online teaching. The participants were not only enthusiastic about the innovative methods, but also about the direct applicability in their own lessons.

Overall, the workshop was another highlight of the project G4C:NGE, which continues to drive forward the development of contemporary teaching methods. Gamified approaches promise not only an increase in the quality of learning, but also a sustainable improvement in the learning environment.

Continue to accompany us on our mission and look forward to further exciting stages and adventures!

Your G4C:NGE project team

Author: Michelle Pippig (TU Dresden, CODIP)

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