Teachers as game changers: How the G4C:NGE Teacher Training is transforming changing teaching methods

Education is changing, and before this change can enter the classroom, teachers need to be sensitised and trained: for example, through G4C:NGE’s Teacher Training Bootcamp. Imagine: Teachers from different corners of Europe gathered for an intensive two-day training that not only changed their teaching methods, but also their way of thinking about teaching. The key? Gamification

The Teacher Training, organised by the Dresden University of Technology (CODIP) and delivered virtually on 18 and 19 September 2023, was more than just a training session; it was a journey through the world of game-based learning. In interactive workshops, participating teachers from the universities involved in the project – UC Leuven (Belgium), DOBA Maribor (Slovenia), Dresden University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and Akademia WBS (Poland) – explored the basics of gamification and delved into the psychology of game-based learning.

The lecturers, gamification professionals Michal Dziekonski and Ada Dziopak-Strach (WSB University), sensitised the participants to gamification in everyday life and gave them new impulses for their own teaching by highlighting best gamified practices in education. Furthermore, they were familiarised with gamified tools that make not only teaching but also learning fun and engaging for students. But that was not all: the teachers also received intensive insights into the gamified curriculum for students in the field of entrepreneurship developed by the G4C:NGE project, which they have been teaching at their universities since the current semester. Throughout, the two-day bootcamp was characterised by intensive exchange rounds about ideas and experiences, which led to creative approaches and new perspectives for both the project team and the teachers.

Join us on our mission and look forward to further exciting stages and adventures!

Your G4C:NGE project team

Author:: Michelle Pippig (TU Dresden, CODIP)

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