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Playful Learning in Next Generation Entrepreneurship

European Cooperation Partnership

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The main objectives of the project

Sensitisation and the development of skills on the part of students from entrepreneurship programs concerning the potential and design options of corporate gamification.

Cooperation of students from different European business schools in a joint study programme with the aim of exchange and the generation of European added value in the field of business start-ups.

Providing a methodology, toolkits, training and guidelines for usage of gamification in various fields of business education (BE) to teachers and learning designers in a European context.

Supporting the development of digital competencies as an integral part of higher education didactics among teachers and students and introducing new tools and methods for student engagements in academic teaching.


  • Education is changing, and before this change can enter the classroom, teachers need to be sensitised and trained: for example, through G4C:NGE's Teacher Training Bootcamp. Imagine: Teachers from different corners of Europe gathered for an intensive two-day training that not

  • A significant milestone was reached for the G4C:NGE project as the consortium partners convened in Poland on 06.-07. June for a Transnational Project Meeting. Dąbrowa Górnicza and Cracow served as vibrant backdrops for pivotal decisions shaping the project's trajectory. During the

  • The G4C:NGE project aims to teach entrepreneurial skills as part of an international study programme focusing on Next Generation Entrepreneurship at five European higher education business institutions. This will give students in the field of entrepreneurship the opportunity to develop


Gamification is the process of using game thinking and mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems.

Nicolas Brown, TU Dreseden

Gamification is not about making games. It's about making things more engaging.

Ema Ducon, DOBA Student


Gamification is the process of turning a task into a game in order to motivate people to do it.

Paweł Urgacz, WSB University

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