Playful Learning

Using games in the form of business games or role-plays has a long tradition in business education to develop leadership and management skills. However, there has been no systematic strategy to train educators to gamify their classrooms or
create playful learning situations by themselves. Therefore, the overall aim of this project is to provide training, materials, and best practices, in the field of gamification for business education. As a result, educators shall become teaching
innovators and be able to develop engaging, participatory, and inspiring learning scenarios on their own for their students – the future leaders and managers.

Work packages:
  • Project Management
  • Teacher Training and Method Development
  • Curriculum, Content and Materials Design for a Next Generation Entrepreneurship Course
  • Providing an Online Platform
  • Piloting and Evaluation of NGE Course
  • Guidelines and Community for Gamification in Business Education
  • Dissemination
  • Developing and promoting an informative project website
Activities within the project:
  • Implementation of Teacher Training – Bootcamp
  • Design and development of the gamified Next Generation Entrepreneurship course
  • Platform development and adaptation
  • NGE Bootcamp for students
  • Piloting gamified courses
  • Gamification Patterns and Guidelines
  • Multiplier Events and Project Conferences
  • Development of Localisation Strategies

Making business education playful

The main results of the project are:
  • A study programme on Next Generation Entrepreneurship (NGE) consisting of three modules (Creating the Idea, Design a Sustainable and Impactful Business Model and Impactful Leadership) in which, among other things, a theoretical and practical examination of the meaning and design of gamification strategies in everyday business takes place. All modules include 3 ECTS each (total workload of the programme is 9 ECTS).
  • A Methodology of Gamification (MoG) and guidelines for playful learning design in the area of BE and entrepreneurial education, especially for the use of digital tools in the learning setting. The concept delivers the methodology for integrating game elements in academic teaching scenarios, considering different didactic objectives.
  • An online platform with methods, guidelines and game-based teaching practices for various fields of BE enables teachers to find best practices and develop gamification-scenarios for their teaching effectively. The platform provides the technological infrastructure where teachers can research, find, and post ideas for their gamification scenarios and is the starting point for disseminating.
  • A Teacher Training Programme (Next Generation Business Education, short NGBE) for teachers in the field of BE where they receive in-depth information and step-by-step guides on the gamification of learning scenarios. The material and the curriculum of the online course will be developed and validated within the project. In addition, the curriculum and teaching material will be documented and made openly accessible for multipliers of Teacher Training.

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